Emma Swindells 



Emma is the Pre-school Manager and holds a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies and has worked inEarly Years since 2006. Emma is the settings Designated Safeguarding Lead and is responsible for the day to day running of the Pre-School.


Carla Mitchell 

Deputy Manager/ SENCO

Carla is the Pre-Schools Deputy Manager and holds a Level 3 Children and Young People’s Workforce qualification. Carla is also our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) supporting children and families in our care in all aspects of their development, liaising with other professionals when


Clare Evans

Early Years Practitioner / Early

Language Lead

Clare is one of the Pre-Schools Early Years Practitioners. She holds a Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification and is also the settings Early Language Lead, this involves looking at ways we can support and incorporate more communication and language skills during our time at preschool.


Dawn Caine-Bryant


Dawn is Pre-Schools administrator; she will generally be your first point of contact with Pre-School. Dawn has many years’ experience at Pre-School, with her own children attending the Pre-School and previously holding the role of Chairperson.

Debbie Heal


Early Years Practitioner


Debbie is one of the Pre-School’s Early Years Practitioners and holds a Level 2 childcare qualification and is currently working towards her Level 3 Early Years Educator qualification. Debbie is developing the role of Equality and Diversity Lead. Looking at events and celebrations across a range of cultures and countries and working with the team to  build this into the opportunities we offer at preschool.

Janice  Lysycia


Early Years Practitioner


Janice is one of our Early Years Practitioners and has worked at preschool for 15 years. Janice holds a Level 3 National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB) qualification.

Becca Keating


Early Years Practitioner


Becca is one of our Early Years Practitioners and joined us in March 2020. Becca holds a level 3 Children’s Care, Learning and Development qualification and has many experiences to share with us from previous Early Years Settings, previously holding the role of deputy manager.

Pam Penlington


Relief Assistant


Pam is our relief assistant meaning she doesn’t have set days at preschool but works as and when cover is needed at preschool. Pam holds a Level 3 Children’s Care Learning and Development qualification and Level 4 Child Psychology qualification. Pam has many years’ experience at Pre-School, previously being the Chairperson and an Early Years Practitioner.