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Healthy Eating

Holmes Chapel Community Pre-School prides itself on offering and providing a healthy eating environment. Children are actively encouraged to try new foods and tastes and also are able to get involved with planting fruits and vegetables in our Pre-School garden, preparing their own snacks and engaging in baking activities.


At Holmes Chapel Community Pre-School we offer a range of healthy snacks each day. These are prepared fresh on site each day by a member of the staff team, who are all trained in Food Hygiene. Examples of our snacks can be found in the menu below.

We offer a lunch club at Holmes Chapel Community Pre-School for those children who attend between the hours of 12-1pm. Children are to bring a packed lunch from home to enjoy alongside the other children; children are
supported by our trained staff during this time. There is also the option for a cold Pre-School lunch, provided and prepared by our trained staff, please enquire within. This is available at a small charge, for more information please contact the office.

Examples of our cold pre-school lunches can be found on the menu on this page.
*Menus are an illustrative guide to some of the snacks and lunches available.
**Holmes Chapel Community Pre-School caters for all dietary needs and preferences.

Useful Information

NHS Change For Life

NHS Eatwell Guide

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