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Our Committee

Holmes Chapel Community Pre-school is run jointly by the teaching staff and the committee under the Pre-school Early Years Alliance.


The committee is responsible for running the business side of the pre-school and it consists entirely of volunteers, two thirds of whom must be parents or guardians of children attending the group. It organises all aspects of the group, apart from the content of the sessions, which are organised by our qualified, paid, staff.

The committee consists of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and up to 9 other elected members. The committee may also include up to 3 co-opted members. Officers and committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. They may remain on the committee for up to ten consecutive years. You can find a current list of committee members on the notice board in the reception area at pre-school.

The main responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

  • Control and run the pre-school finances

  • Fix and collect fees

  • Liaise with and support the staff

  • Maintain required insurance cover 

  • Raise money in order to support and improve the work of the pre-school

  • Keep parents and carers informed of fundraising event

  • Appoint staff and agree wages 

  • Ensure that pre-school continues to operate within the bounds of legislation

  • Maintain the building, furniture and fixings

Nigel and Vicky are the Pre-Schools joint Chair Persons. They volunteer their time to run the Pre-School. They chair committee meetings and oversee all aspects of the business side of the Pre-School.

Email to join the committee 

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